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Amanda Williams


Hi, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my 'very early' web site. I am a learner/novice/enthusiast photographer who finds happiness in taking and editing photographs.

I live in Wales, UK, and when the world gets back to normal, I may one day be able to take my camera further afield. Until then, Wales and my home have plenty to offer. 

At the moment this is a hobby for me. I work in a completely unrelated role in the NHS. Note I said, at the moment, I would love to retire and take photographs all day haha - another few years for that I think though.

You will see that I haven't quite found my own style yet and I am trying lots of different themes and techniques so that I can improve and explore.

I try to capture something special and some of my images will hopefully capture your imagination in some way too.

I would love to hear from you too and I  look forward to developing this site as time allows.

Enjoy each moment as best you can and if you can capture it in a picture then even better.

with love ..

Manda - A Moment in Time x

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