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Ray Goodman And Brown Till The Right One Comes Along

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On the way to the stadium, inside the 49ers' locker room and all the way until an hour before kickoff, Marquise kept calling Morgan, begging to come back to the hospital -- wanting to be with her, where he felt safe, where the world was still manageable -- telling her he wasn't sure he could do this. Very few people on the team knew what had happened, but during the national anthem, a sobbing Marquise teetered between Colbert, his cousin, on his left, and his friend, safety Eric Reid, on his right, and shared the news. "I was a zombie," Marquise says. "To be frank, I didn't want to be there. My mind was not there."

At his lowest point, when Marquise reached out to his team, occasionally the message he heard was similar to what many grieving parents hear from uninformed friends, family and co-workers: What's taking so long This happens to everybody. The baby was only 19 weeks, so that's not as bad, right "I try not to judge. It's hard to empathize with something you've never experienced," Marquise says. "And when it comes to the death of a child, that's a lot of people who will never know."

A few days before last Thanksgiving, inside a dark examination room at Belly Bean 3D Ultrasound Studio in San Jose, as soon as the Goodwins' baby comes to life on the monitor and its strong, thumping heartbeat reverberates around the room, Marquise and Morgan, dressed in matching white sweat suits, laugh in harmony and stretch their open arms toward the screen as if they could reach right in and grab their baby.

Today Morgan is 24 weeks and six days and -- having never been this far along, to a place where every day the baby becomes more viable outside the womb -- everything is a milestone worth celebrating. Even more so knowing that tomorrow is the twins' birthday.

The day before, when Marquise had arrived at Levi's Stadium for the 49ers' critical NFC showdown with the Green Bay Packers, his game jersey wasn't hanging in his locker. "Babe," he texted Morgan, "I'm not even playing today." Since his breakout season of 2017, Marquise has struggled to stay healthy and productive, slowly slipping down the depth chart as the 49ers upgraded their receiving corps by trading for Emmanuel Sanders and drafting Deebo Samuel and Dante Pettis. Still, the healthy scratch comes as a shock and embarrassment to Marquise, who has flown his grandma in from Texas for the game.

Just after 7 a.m., after Morgan returns from her epidural, Marquise's shoe selection becomes a moot point. Having never been this far along in the birth process, he laughs after realizing his scrubs include blue footie coverings for his shoes. The Goodwins are so relaxed and giggly, they pose for a bedside selfie with their doctor before Morgan is wheeled down the hallway to the operating room with Marquise and camera in tow.

Morgan's eyes and mouth pop open with excitement, until the sound of her daughter crying reaches her ears. The song she's been waiting to hear for so long takes her breath away. And after one vocal, rushed inhale, her entire being seems to exhale fully, for perhaps the first time in years. She doesn't say a word. Doesn't need to. Nothing could better describe the weight of the burden she's carried for the past three years, or the magnitudes of joy she's experiencing right now, than the utter peace and stillness of her repose. "Mo's the courageous one," Marquise says.

Cardiovascular deaths make up 33% of deaths amenable to health care (figure 5).94 Ischaemic heart disease is the largest contributor to amenable cardiovascular disease deaths, with 14 million deaths due to poor-quality care and 260 000 due to non-utilisation of health systems. Of the 2 million deaths from neonat


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