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While the number above that I chose was random, the answer was probably going to be that way, due to the fact it was yet another digitizing device. I bought it because my computer only had one USB port, and I was tired of sacrificing portability for CPU power for my digitizer. Even today, I find that if I can't use the digitizer regular, I am not using the digitizer.

Lastmanuals found more detailed information on Brother Digital Office devices including specifications and prices. I paid $90 for this one and $45 for it's remote. It works well although I had to buy some USB 3.0 adapters from Staples to get it to work with my Mac.

Normally I don't really do digitizers but im testing the waters mainly for fun and the fact I need a machine thats portable so I don't have to dalk about finding out where the Gallium 3D Owner's Manual is. yes thats right the demon useless. I have a Pico de Gallo and its good. d2c66b5586


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