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Courier Boy Kalyan ((BETTER)) Full Movie 720p

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Courier Boy Kalyan ((BETTER)) Full Movie 720p

A corrupt doctor (Ashutosh Rana) sells illegal medicines and smuggles stem cells. He lives in London, but after the police raids his laboratory and he almost becomes a suspect there, he moves to India and continues his business there. Meanwhile, enters Kalyan (Nithin) who has a discontinued degree, is jobless, and is an orphan living with his sister (Surekha Vani) and brother-in-law (Harsha Vardhan). He one day delivers a courier to Kavya (Yami Gautam) for his friend (Satyam Rajesh), and it is love at first sight for him. He decides to get a job as a courier boy so he can deliver more couriers to her, but Kavya only gets couriers yearly, so he secretly delivers fake couriers to her so that he can see her every day. He even tries to woo her, but she does not pay much attention to him and eventually reveals that she is in love with someone (not knowing that it was him all along and that she reciprocates his feelings for her). Meanwhile, the doctor successfully begins his hospitals throughout India and reveals his plan about his illegal medicines and stem cell smuggling. He kills many unborn infants and purposefully makes many women's pregnancy a miscarriage. Kalyan's sister becomes pregnant, and she ends up getting the medicine that causes the miscarriage, but luckily, she never takes it. A man overhears the doctor's plan and sends a courier to Sathya Murthy (Nassar), but it is not delivered to him yet. Kalyan ends up getting the courier. The man who planned to send the courier gets killed by the doctor, as the doctor and his goons start chasing after Kalyan and the courier. The rest of the story is about how Kalyan successfully delivers the courier and proves the doctor guilty.

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