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The Evo Voice Processing Technology is the advancement of the Harmonizer, another one of our famous VST control engines. Its known to give a fresh sound with a fast response and good control feel. The long awaited Harmonizer has been re-released with the improved characteristics of the Evo Voice Processing Technology. It has improved Harmony generation with a powerful Harmony Control mode and realistic formant shifting. Additionally, the Harmonizer has improved the abilities of the Evo Voice Processing Technology. It is now perfect for processing high-pitched voices such as backup vocal, or female voice which tends to sound unnatural due to the formants.

Evo Voice Processing Technology was built on a combination of algorithm and proprietary technology such as SMT, Resonance Technology, and Impulse Technology. It is one of the most powerful and accurate engines on market. It allows you to create full harmony as well as instrumental mono layers. You can also create layered harmony which allows you to set the chord within the Harmony Control mode. It has got a great harmony editor, a very powerful Harmony Control mode and an innovative formant shifting feature. You can also use Preset Control mode which can save your favorite Harmony modes.

You can now take control of high quality harmony voices in Evo software, thanks to a very accurate and powerful Harmonic engine, Ivo Rezni, and high-performance Evo, LE. These are some of the key technologies that let you get the best results. Harmony Control mode is a complete solution and the editor is a powerful multi-layered Harmonic editor. Specialized Software is Perfect for backup vocal, the humanized voices of popular vocal styles and melodic styles such as Glee tunes, pop and rock, traditional Chinese tunes, Indonesian tunes, Japanese tunes, and even more. Additionally, other innovative and exclusive technologies allow you to make professional harmony vocals even more natural. 3d9ccd7d82


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