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Edius 6.02 Update 6.08

Edius 6.02 Update 6.08 ->->->->

Edius 6.02 Update 6.08

when working in edius, it is possible to create a "live" project. with the new option "go live" in the time line panel when adding media to a project, a link to edit the associated page can be added. this link is only activated when the media is live and has not yet been edited. the ability to "go live" is present from edius 6.0.1. it is being added to edius 9.5 with this update.

with regards to the newsletter: the current version of the newsletter is up to date. a summary of the most interesting information for you is included here from every newsletter. this can be found above a certain amount of impressions.

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the new "live preview" of the media files in the tool cluster editor, that is accessible with the right mouse button, allows now to open it and to resume editing directly from the edge of the window or to go to the next or previous sample without having to close the window. the new tool box editors allow us more features. among these is now the ability to view the entire clip with audio and video tagged and visualize the content of the clip in the multi-planar view. with the new "html5 audio export", the edius ex scripts are also extremely user-friendly. the new "sound config" allows to add, delete and edit custom sound presets, and also to sync the project to external sound sources via the audio tracks in the project. with the new "color balance" tool, it is now possible to finely adjust the hue and saturation by using a color wheels as a source of contrast. with the new "transform tracks" tool, it is now possible to add a free rotation to video and audio tracks as well as add tracks and frames, and to use the most useful algorithms for both editing and compositing. several other improvements have been made: the tool display has been optimized for multi-monitor scenarios, and the trail curves tool now allows you to directly draw curves on the screen. 3d9ccd7d82


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