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La Twelve-step Suite o Suite de los Doce Pasos, también conocida como la Suite de Alcohólicos Anónimos es una serie de canciones de la banda de metal progresivo Dream Theater, pertenecientes a álbumes distintos pero que en conjunto forman una suite. Cada canción, escrita por el baterista Mike Portnoy, trata de su experiencia con el alcoholismo y representa uno de los Doce Pasos.

Now that he has admitted his flaws to someone, he asks them to take all of what he has said from the speaker and throw them away, forever cleansing the speaker of those undesirable traits. Once the speaker has rid himself of these, he will be able to continue one to become a stronger person and be all that he can be. This ends the sixth step in the suite, and makes way for the seventh.

Whoever is speaking to the speaker in this stanza is probably one of the people that helped him through this rehabilitation process and taught the speaker the twelve steps. This guide is now cutting the speaker loose and allowing him to finish the final steps on his own in order to better serve him.

As you step into a Junior Suite aboard Carnival Dream, you can't help but feel that you're stepping into full-size luxury in a smaller package. Featuring a standard-size balcony, in a Carnival Dream Junior Suite you'll find everything else there is to love about a suite, including VIP check-in, a walk-in closet; and even a whirlpool tub for relaxing. (Note that rooms of this type have obstructed views.)

The album's lyrics were written by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, and all except one concern personal experiences about disturbing or difficult moments of their lives. Though most songs were written by Petrucci, "A Nightmare to Remember" was based on a childhood car incident; "The Count of Tuscany" was about an actual encounter he had in Tuscany; and "Wither" was about the process of songwriting for him.[8] "The Best of Times" was written by Mike Portnoy about his father, who died from cancer. "I just wanted to write something that was a tribute to our life together," said Portnoy, who played the song for his father prior to his death.[9] "The Shattered Fortress" is the final part of Portnoy's Twelve-step Suite, reprising and concluding themes and motifs from the suite that began on 2002's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album. The remaining song, "A Rite of Passage", concerns Freemasonry; a video of the edited single was released on May 8, 2009. 153554b96e


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