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You can also go in and make sure you select the option to use the English language pack instead of the English sub-pack. If you go here you can install the language pack. There are a bunch of different languages, but I just use English and after the computer is done I turn off the internet for a couple of hours so it can get the hotmail ad stuff as well as the modem, which I really don’t suggest opening your modem and turning it on before installing the *3-in-1 Professional*. But if you do I won’t be responible if it messed up your internet. I’ve also put in the box that if you somehow manage to mess it up that it is on your own anyway. In other words if something goes wrong, don’t blame me.

Nevertheless I made this thing with the hopes that others would use it. Hopefully it can help you if you are having a hard time with the thing. Otherwise I don’t have to do it, but if you go to a computer shop that is the size I put it I really do want to see my face. In other words I’m not joking.

All disks/files stored in the folder are recognized by the Slim, including "generic.ps2" and "CE.ps2". download usb extreme ps2 slim Every game in the folder will be converted into a game file(*.ps2). In the "CE PS2" folder, "CE.ps2" is different from "CPS". If you want to play CPS2 files, change the name of them to "CPS.ps2". The USB storage is optional, the conversion will happen when you start the program.

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