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Phpdocx Pro 35


Phpdocx Pro 35

I have a project in which we are using phpdocx pro to generate a .docx file in the from templates. I can get the data in to the template easy enough, however when the file is downloaded and opened in MS Word 2010, the program reports that the file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents, the details being "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened". Word can repair the document, however the issue still stands that it should not be corrupted in the first place.

Originally, I was trying to use their createDocxAndDownload() function to get the file, but it would leave a copy of the .docx file on the server, which was not ideal. Am I missing something Is there someone with more experience with phpdocx to lend a hand

Hello, As it's explained on: -documentation/word-content/insert-page-number-Word-document-with-PHP You can add a numerical or alphabetical page number. But the current version of phpdocx doesn't allow to add manually 'Page X of Y'; future version will add support. You can change the base template to fit your needs or use a custom DOCX as the base template. For example adding the page number you'd like to use. This is the signature of the construct of CreateDocx class : /** * Construct * * @access public * @param string $baseTemplatePath. Optional, basicTemplate.docx as default * @param $docxTemplatePath. User custom template (preserves Word content) */ public function __construct($baseTemplatePath = PHPDOCX_BASE_TEMPLATE, $docxTemplatePath = '') 1e1e36bf2d


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