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DESEO: A Tale Of Forbidden Lust (2013) DVDRip XviD(Mexico) 4

DESEO: A Tale of Forbidden Lust (2013) DVDRip XviD(Mexico) 4

DESEO is a Mexican movie that explores the theme of eroticism and desire through four interrelated stories. The movie was directed by Antonio Zavala Kugler and stars Paulina Gaitan, Leonor Varela, Paola NuÃez and Gerardo Taracena.

DESEO: A Tale of Forbidden Lust (2013) DVDRip XviD(Mexico) 4

The movie begins with a casual encounter between a teenage prostitute (Gaitan) and a sailor (Taracena) in a port town. From there, we follow a chain of relationships between archetypal characters representing the different strata of society polarized in Mexico, where sexual desire, due to class, state and racial prejudice, will never develop in love. The movie shows how desire can be a powerful force that can lead to passion, betrayal, violence or redemption.

The movie was released in 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its bold and provocative approach to sexuality and social issues, while others criticized it for being superficial and exploitative. The movie has a rating of 4.7 out of 10 on IMDb and 62% of audience liked it on Rotten Tomatoes.

DESEO is a movie that challenges the viewers to question their own notions of desire and morality. It is a movie that does not shy away from showing the dark and complex side of human nature. It is a movie that invites you to experience what we all desire.

The director of DESEO, Antonio Zavala Kugler, is a Mexican filmmaker who has worked in various genres and formats. He has directed documentaries, short films, commercials and feature films. He is also a writer and producer. He has won several awards for his work, such as the Ariel Award for Best Documentary Short Film in 2004 for El otro sueÃo americano.

One of the main themes of DESEO is the contrast between the rich and the poor in Mexico. The movie shows how the different social classes have different access to opportunities, resources and pleasures. The movie also exposes the corruption and violence that plague the country. The movie does not offer a clear solution or a happy ending, but rather a realistic and pessimistic view of the Mexican reality.

Another theme of DESEO is the role of women in Mexican society. The movie portrays women as objects of desire, but also as agents of their own sexuality. The movie shows how women can use their sexuality as a weapon, a tool or a curse. The movie also explores the issues of gender violence, abortion and infidelity. The movie does not judge or moralize the women's choices, but rather shows them as complex and diverse human beings.

DESEO is not only a movie about desire, but also a movie about art and creativity. The movie uses various artistic elements to enhance the storytelling and the aesthetics. The movie has a nonlinear and fragmented structure that mimics the nature of desire and memory. The movie also uses different styles and techniques to create contrast and diversity. The movie has elements of comedy, drama, romance and thriller. The movie also uses music, poetry, painting and photography to express the emotions and the atmosphere of the scenes.

The movie also pays homage to some of the most influential artists and writers in Mexican culture. The movie references the works of Octavio Paz, Frida Kahlo, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo and others. The movie also uses some of their quotes and images to enrich the dialogue and the symbolism. The movie shows how art can be a source of inspiration, beauty and transcendence in a harsh and chaotic world.

DESEO is a movie that challenges the conventional and the conservative. It is a movie that dares to explore the taboo and the controversial. It is a movie that celebrates the diversity and the complexity of human sexuality and society. It is a movie that invites you to feel what we all feel. 04f6b60f66


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