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Loader 2023.exe


Loader 2023.exe

Known for using search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning for its initial access, Gootkit loader (aka Gootloader) resurfaced in a recent spate of attacks on organizations in the Australian healthcare industry.

Obfuscation is not only a technique for evading analysis but also a useful way to help identify malicious actors. The obfuscation methods used in the samples also show features of Gootkit loader's current activities, which will help security teams to detect this threat.

This latency, which clearly separates the initial infection stage from the second stage, is a distinctive feature of Gootkit loader's operation. Currently, operations in the second stage observed at the same season are similar. Therefore, it does not appear, for now, that multiple threat actors are entering the operation from this second stage.

As noted in this blog, Gootkit loader is currently targeting the Australian healthcare industry in addition to the legal sector. It is not easy to escape the methods of an adversary, but in this case, it might be effective to inform users that this is the case.

Bumblebee, a recently developed malware loader, has quickly become a key component in a wide range of cyber-crime attacks and appears to have replaced a number of older loaders, which suggests that it is the work of established actors and that the transition to Bumblebee was pre-planned.

More recently, this same version of AdFind was used in an attack attempting to deliver the Diavol payload. The initial loader used by the attackers was not discovered, but the AdFind link with Bumblebee activity suggests it may have been used by the attackers.

The STM32 Flash loader demonstrator (FLASHER-STM32) is a free software PC utility from STMicroelectronics, which runs on Microsoft OSs and communicates through the RS232 with the STM32 system memory bootloader. To get an example of how to execute the device bootloader, refer to the STM32 microcontroller system memory boot mode Application note (AN2606). To get information about the USART protocol used in the STM32 bootloader, refer to the USART protocol used in the STM32 bootloader Application note (AN3155).

The mod loader is managed by the launcher. This means that you don't have to worry about being up-to-date with the mod loader. However, this also means that it is impossible to install old versions of the mod loader. This list is for documentation purposes only and provides links to the changelogs. RML versionRaft versionRelease dateChangelog6.4.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-30Link6.4.0Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-28Link6.3.9Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-28Link6.3.8Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-15Link6.3.7Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-22Link6.3.6Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-11Link6.3.5Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-10Link6.3.4Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-14Link6.3.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-14Link6.3.2Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-03Link6.3.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-09-29Link6.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-09-20Link6.2.13Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-08-04Link6.2.12Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-21Link6.2.11Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-20Link6.2.10Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-07Link6.2.9Update 1.02022-06-20Link6.2.8Update 132022-05-26Link6.2.7Update 132021-12-05Link2.2.4Update 132021-06-21Link6.2.5Update 122021-06-13Link6.2.4Update 122021-04-08Link6.2.3Update 122021-02-07Link6.2.2Update 122021-02-04Link6.2.1Update 122021-02-02Link6.2.0Update 122021-02-02Link6.1.3Update 122021-02-01Link6.1.2Update 122021-01-31Link6.1.1Update 122021-01-28Link6.1.0Update 122020-11-02Link6.0.9Update 122020-10-22Link6.0.8Update 122020-10-14Link6.0.7Update 122020-10-11Link6.0.6Update 122020-10-09Link6.0.5Update 122020-10-09Link6.0.4Update 122020-10-08Link6.0.3Update 11a2020-08-12Link6.0.2Update 11a2020-08-12Link6.0.1Update 11a2020-08-09Link6.0.0Update 11a2020-08-06Link5.4.9Update 112020-06-11Link5.4.8Update 112020-05-22Link5.4.7Update 112020-05-22Link5.4.6Update 112020-04-25Link5.4.5Update 112020-04-22Link5.4.4Update 112020-03-12Link5.4.3Update 112020-02-16Link5.4.2bUpdate 10.072020-01-13Link5.4.2aUpdate 10.072020-01-11Link5.4.2Update 10.072020-01-11Link5.4.1Update 10.072020-01-04Link5.4Update 10.072020-01-04Link5.3Update 10.072019-12-16Link5.2.9aUpdate 10.042019-12-05Link5.2.9Update 10.002019-12-03Link5.2.8aUpdate 9.052019-12-01Link5.2.8Update 9.052019-11-19Link5.2.7Update 9.052019-11-11Link5.2.6Update 9.052019-11-11Link5.2.5Update 9.052019-11-10Link5.2.4Update 9.052019-11-04Link5.2.3Update 9.052019-11-04Link5.2.2Update 9.052019-11-01Link5.2.1Update 9.052019-10-31Link5.2.0Update 9.052019-10-31Link5.1.3Update 9.052019-10-04Link5.1.2Update 9.052019-10-01Link5.1.1Update 9.052019-09-22Link5.1Update 9.052019-09-19Link5.0Update 9.052019-09-18Link4.3.1Update 9.052019-07-03Link4.3Update 9.052019-06-20Link4.2.3Update 9.052019-05-22Link4.2.1Update 9.042019-05-04Link4.2Update 9.042019-05-03Link4.1.9Update 9.042019-04-26Link4.1.8f2Update 9.042019-04-25Link4.1.8fUpdate 9.042019-04-24Link4.1.8Update 9.042019-04-24Link4.1.7fUpdate 9.002019-04-01Link4.1.7Update 9.002019-03-26Link4.1.6Update 9.002019-03-17Link4.1.5Update 9.002019-03-14Link4.1.4Update 9.002019-03-14Link4.1.3Update 9.002019-03-13Link4.1.2Update 9.002019-03-08Link4.1.1Update 9.002019-03-08Link4.1Update 9.032019-03-07Link4.0-pre-10Update 9.002019-02-10Link4.0-pre-9Update 8.002019-02-02Link4.0-pre-8Update 8.002018-11-08Link4.0-pre-7-u7Update 7.002018-10-15Link4.0-pre-7Update 6.002018-10-10Link4.0-pre-6Update 6.002018-09-26Link4.0-pre-5Update 6.002018-09-02Link4.0-pre-4Update 6.002018-09-01Link4.0-pre-3Update 6.002018-08-15Link4.0-pre-2Update 6.002018-08-15Link4.0-pre-1Update 5.002018-08-04Link4.0-preUpdate 5.002018-08-03Link3.8Update 5.002018-07-26Link3.7Update 5.002018-07-26Link3.6.5Update 5.002018-07-26Link3.6Update 1.032018-07-25Link3.5Update 1.032018-07-25Link

Smoke Loader, sometimes also called Dofoil, is a modular malware mainly utilized to download other viruses to infected machines. Despite its loader nature, the Smoke Loader bot can be equipped with a variety of malicious functions. Most of these functions are targeted at stealing sensitive data from the victims.

Despite being rather old, the Dofoil virus is only gaining popularity. Since its first surfacing in 2011, the malware remains a highly active and elusive threat, not due to its advanced anti-evasion functions. In addition to being used as a loader and installing potentially more dangerous malware.

The attack starts with a phishing email containing a malicious URL and ZIP password for delivering the QakBot malware. Victims clicking on the URL download an encrypted ZIP folder which can be unzipped with a password provided by attackers via phishing email. That unzipped file contains a randomly named malicious ISO image. The ISO image contains a final QakBot loader in form of a JavaScript file (WW.js) which is used to execute QakBot DLL in-memory of wermgr.exe (a Windows error reporting process).

Normally, after executing the QakBot loader, Windows will display a warning message (see Figure 11) to avoid the execution. Because of the malformed digital signature, the loader bypasses the Mark of the Web (MoTW) flag, and the execution is proceeds without a Windows warning pop-up message.

"The most common of these include adding complexity to the auto-generated beacon or stager payloads via the utilization of packers, crypters, loaders, or similar techniques," WithSecure researchers said.

WithSecure said it identified the shellcode loader following an analysis of "several human-operated intrusions" targeting various entities spanning a wide range of organizations located in Brazil, France, and Taiwan in Q4 2022.

That's not all. Another loader known as BAILLOADER, which is also used to distribute Cobalt Strike beacons, has been linked to attacks involving Quantum ransomware, GootLoader, and the IcedID trojan in recent months.

SILKLOADER samples analyzed by the company show that early versions of the malware date back to the start of 2022, with the loader exclusively put to use in different attacks targeting victims in China and Hong Kong.

This has further given way to a hypothesis that "SILKLOADER was originally written by threat actors acting within the Chinese cybercriminal ecosystem" and that the "loader was used by the threat actors within this nexus at least as early as May 2022 till July 2022."

"The builder or source code was later acquired by a threat actor within the Russian cybercriminal ecosystem between July 2022 and September 2022," WithSecure said, adding, "the original Chinese author sold the loader to a Russian threat actor once they no longer had any use for it."

I then explained how the HTML file drops a ZIP archive through a piece of auto-execution JavaScript code. Later, I focused on how a disguised Windows shortcut file downloads the loader module of QakBot.

Cybereason GSOC observed the distribution of the loader via spear phishing emails which contain archives with ISO files as attachments or links to download the archive from external sources. The initial execution relies on the end-user execution which has to extract the archive, mount an ISO image file, and click a Windows shortcut (LNK) file.

Cybereason GSOC has observed threat actors transitioning from BazarLoader, Trickbot, and IcedID to Bumblebee, which seems to be in active development and generally the loader of choice for many threat actors.

File corruption, missing, or deleted win32-loader.exe files can result in EXE executable errors, most commonly seen during the startup phase of Third-Party Application. As a first troubleshootiong step, most PC professionals will attempt to replace the applicable version of the EXE file. After the problem file is replaced, running a registry scan can help clean up any invalid win32-loader.exe, file extension, or other file path references which could have been affected from a previous malware infection.

Once the file is successfully placed in the right location on you hard drive, these win32-loader.exe issues should disappear. Running a quick verification test is highly recommend. Re-load Third-Party Application to observe if the issue has been successfully solved. 59ce067264


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